It’s Now So easy Detect Cancer In Minutes 

“This happens in one drop of fluid,” said Professor Matt Trau, one of the study’s researchers, adding that researchers are still unsure if the test will emerges the “holy grail” for cancer diagnostics. “You can detect it by-eye, it’s as simple as that.”

Australian scientists  claimed that they have developed a simple blood test that can diagnose cancer in minutes by identifying a unique DNA signature present in all types of the disease.

A genetic pattern in all cancers, researchers said, could help in diagnosing cancer more accessible and affordable. The blood test detected cancer with 90 percent accuracy in the University of Queensland’s tests of different human cancers and healthy cells and can be done in only 10 minutes.

Dr. Dino Di Carlo, director ofcancer nanotechnology at UCLA’s cancercenter and a bioengineering professor at the Los Angeles university,said that the study needs to be further tested to determine its effectiveness.

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